Your faith comes alive when you see the Truth

The mind can’t understand the Christ, but the heart already knows the truth that will set you free.  Quiet the mind and use the heart to find the Christ within, and you will discover the Living Water that Jesus promised at the ‘well’.  When Jesus taught the people in Samaria, in the Gospel of John 4:4-42.  He never told them to go kill some innocent animal to cover their sins, so that God wouldn’t judge them…??

No Jesus never taught that our Father desired blood sacrifices…  John 4:23 -24.   The English word “worship” was originally spelled “worth-ship” and means to acknowledge the nature of the object worshiped.   Jesus never taught or practiced blood sacrifice, because He understood the true nature of God.  The nature of God is pure Love, pure optimism, pure grace, pure forgiveness, pure truth.  Only an evil monster would demand animal sacrifices to ‘pay’ for the sins of our fathers, passed on to us through original sin.

I believe that refusing to offer ‘God’ an animal sacrifice was the ‘great heresy’ that the Jewish leaders killed Jesus for preaching and practicing.  He told his followers to not go to the temple and sacrifice animals to ‘God’.  But to symbolically celebrate, a new covenant, that  blood sacrifice are not pleasing to God, through the Last Supper.  The last supper is a celebration of Christ’s teaching, blood sacrifices are not pleasing to God.

The only people who seemed to understand this were the Jews who later rejected Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  The Jewish people no longer perform animal sacrifices because they ‘got’ what Jesus was teaching.  And they knew that Jesus would never approve of being the Lamb of God any more than he would have approved the killing of innocent animals.

Do you really believe God delights in animal sacrifices?

Jesus came to save man from the lie ‘that only through blood sacrifice, can we be reunited with God’s Love‘.  Jesus taught, the kingdom of God is now.  Just believe, if you can’t believe that God is unconditional Love, than look at Jesus, and what he truly taught and lived…