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♥ ~ When a person Remembers their True Worth. . .♥

Once, completely Confused;


 Terrified ~ Vulnerable & Frozen

Searching deep ‘with-in’

To the very Depths of their Soul

Sensing a forgotten,

and yet familiar ‘Presence’

A warm breathe begins to radiate 

Melting the hard THICK walls 

Once necessary, for their very survival

But now, serve as a new Prison

Cutting /off the very essence of Love,

that can satisfy their painful longing…

This Presence inspires

a renewed determination,

of Hope and Courage..!

Painfully at first,

And Ever, so slowly

‘Opening Up’

Deep Scars, are painful reminders of the past.

Regretfully, remembering the Anguish ~

But wearing them, ‘so’ Proudly…!

No longer Settle~
for what was,
Somehow – ( ‘OK’ )

Never lying to themselves 

About~ how things; “weren’t ‘That’ bad”~ ?

“Didn’t deserve ‘Anything’ better”~ ?

Or that… “It was somehow, all their fault ? ! ?

~ When a person ‘Really’ realizes~ their true worth ~

Become completely determined

~ { As One Possessed } ~

To fully and Completely ~ BELIEVE…! ~

Finally growing into the Beautiful person~

‘Once’ dreamed ~Yet always knew

that they ~ could, Should
and WOULD: { BE-come..! }

Out of their Ancient Mysticism
Remembering the limitless Power
of Unconditional: Acceptance, Kindness and Compassion…

Understanding ‘Now’, that it never ‘Really’ mattered~
“What others said;
They Always were, & ‘Forever’ are

completely worthy of
Unconditional, Love and Respect.

‘Roots’ borrowing down, deeper and Deeper…
Searching for; and finally being Filling with
the Sacred fountain of Living water

Restoring the essence of their Soul

~ When a person ‘Realizes’~ their true Worth…

Quietly, yet firmly,
swearing a Sacred Oath;
that, No matter ‘What’~ from Now on,
To Always BE ~
“Totally, Authentic & True to their ‘Soul’~ self…”

Living from their ‘deepest’ {♥}-felt Desires”…

From their Untilled~
cracked and barren Soil…
they pulls Precious Jewels &
Price- less Pearls of Wisdom…

With-in hidden Vulnerabilities,
like an Eternal flame,
they Realizes their ~ Own ~ Source ~ of
Sunshine on ‘Rainy’ days…

Now, ever… so Gracefully and Gently…
birthing ~ Joy, Love and Freedom,
into their ~
Once weakened and down-Trodden Soul…

~When a Person Realizes~ their ‘True’ Worth…

Rejoicing at Last ~ !
NOW ~ The Sun ‘being’ Risen…!
The Sleeper has Awoken…!!!

And ‘Is no longer’
a {Voice- less Victim}
Suffering in Plain View…

Forgiving themselves;, confident,
that Deception & Manipulation are
‘Now’ forever Powerless!
And will~ Never-ever ‘sway’ or fool them Again…!!!

Like a Secrete Treasure Chest ~ ‘long ago buried’…
Limit-less Creativity and Joy…
Total Peace & Love~ Spring- Forth ~
Overflowing the Heart with Laughter & Pure Bliss..

Alive with her Hopes and Dreams…
Focused fully upon the Truth…
Loving fearlessly; Without Control or Attachment…

Flying with the Angels
~ they who ‘know their’ name,
Bow in Respect, Reverence and Awe…

‘Shining forth’~ ‘Like a Million exploding Stars’…
~ ‘drawing the ‘One’ who is…
{ Equal in Love…} ~ !

The One, who is ( Brave-Enough )
to Be by their side will never
~ Over-shadow, Abandon or Betray…

His Respect and Honor will be her eternal Crown…

Her Compassion and Courage
~ Frees his Soul from the Cruel bondage
to ‘macho’ Fears & Pride…

His gentile wisdom and kindness ~
unending Patience and Understanding ~
Frees her, to Reveal her tender Heart…

She will Save him, with a Loving embrace…♥

Healing his broken and wounded Soul…
Allows him to be Proud
to be know ‘as a simple man’…

Gratefully, he will Cherish Each & every moment,
that they are together~ Yet, Always~
Giving her room to Grow…

~ When a man Realizes~ his true ‘Worth’…

They Will Constantly Shower each other with
‘the’ Praise and Adoration ~
~ that has for Way ~ ‘Too Long’ ~ Been ~
[Wrongfully & Cruelly] ~ DENIED…!
& Yet ~ { Soo ~ Completely, & Utterly, ‘Worthy Of’…! }

An Unconditional & ‘All~ Consuming Empathy’,
Truly: Listening and Talking from the Heart ~
with Honesty, Compassion & Gentleness…!♥!

They can ‘then’ Become,
‘what-ever’ their Heart’s Envision…
Beating as ‘One Soul’ as it was
{Always} meant to Be…

Surrendering forever & Ever…
To their ‘New’ Vision of a ~* Higher*
“Self~ Love…
Self- Confidence..
& Self- Respect”..!

~ His focused mind becomes Saturated
with her Sweetness, like a balloon~
filling with the Rarest of Perfumes…

Forever and Ever, night and day,
he will Suckle & Worship,
on the Sweet Nectar of her
Endless Beauty & Compassion…!

Her ‘Breath of Life’, Coursing through his Veins,
as he drinks Slowly & Deeply…
From the Overflowing Enchanted Well, of her Heart…

Ever so Gently and Lovingly,
he will Sing to her~ the ‘Almost Lost’
Sacred song of Time-less Love…

Inspiring her to Dance
with all her might, Heart & SOUL…!
Holding him Spellbound,
with her Beauty & Soul-full Gaze ~

‘Finally’ ~ When They realizes ~ Their True Worth ~ ‘Together’… !

They will Re-defining Forever~

Our Understanding of the ~

[ Deeply Hidden & Magical ] ~ ‘Forgotten’ SECRET…

That~ True ~ Freedom ‘Is’ Possible…

{ ‘With~ In’ Being Completely~ “In” LOVE… ! }

~Then the Sun will be Jealous…

And the Moon will Hide out of Shame…

And the Earth will Cry-out, I am Saved…!

For Never has the Universe ‘seen’~ such a Glorious sight !

As these two ~ ‘Angelic’ ~ Beings:

{ Soo Fear~ Less and Brave } Opened ~ { All~ Out } ~

Innocent & Defense- Less ~ Madly ‘In~ LOVE’

While ‘Be-ing’, Totally ~ Self~ less & Free…

Completely Inspiring & Redeeming All of humanity…

Leading the Entire Universe~

into Un-told Joy, Peace & Freedom…♥

Forever and Ever, Establishing a ‘New Area’

of~ Prosperity, LOVE & Enlightenment for All…!”

“~ When a man Realizes~ his True Worth… “

© ~ by Mystic Francis 2010


Your faith comes alive when you see the Truth

The mind can’t understand the Christ, but the heart already knows the truth that will set you free.  Quiet the mind and use the heart to find the Christ within, and you will discover the Living Water that Jesus promised at the ‘well’.  When Jesus taught the people in Samaria, in the Gospel of John 4:4-42.  He never told them to go kill some innocent animal to cover their sins, so that God wouldn’t judge them…??

No Jesus never taught that our Father desired blood sacrifices…  John 4:23 -24.   The English word “worship” was originally spelled “worth-ship” and means to acknowledge the nature of the object worshiped.   Jesus never taught or practiced blood sacrifice, because He understood the true nature of God.  The nature of God is pure Love, pure optimism, pure grace, pure forgiveness, pure truth.  Only an evil monster would demand animal sacrifices to ‘pay’ for the sins of our fathers, passed on to us through original sin.

I believe that refusing to offer ‘God’ an animal sacrifice was the ‘great heresy’ that the Jewish leaders killed Jesus for preaching and practicing.  He told his followers to not go to the temple and sacrifice animals to ‘God’.  But to symbolically celebrate, a new covenant, that  blood sacrifice are not pleasing to God, through the Last Supper.  The last supper is a celebration of Christ’s teaching, blood sacrifices are not pleasing to God.

The only people who seemed to understand this were the Jews who later rejected Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  The Jewish people no longer perform animal sacrifices because they ‘got’ what Jesus was teaching.  And they knew that Jesus would never approve of being the Lamb of God any more than he would have approved the killing of innocent animals.

Do you really believe God delights in animal sacrifices?

Jesus came to save man from the lie ‘that only through blood sacrifice, can we be reunited with God’s Love‘.  Jesus taught, the kingdom of God is now.  Just believe, if you can’t believe that God is unconditional Love, than look at Jesus, and what he truly taught and lived…

Our lies bind us

Truth will set you free!… I was in listening prayer, and I saw a vision; myself sitting in a chair with my mouth gagged and my arms tied behind my back.  I silently called out to Jesus, and he came to me.  I saw him coming towards me and he gently removed the gag and the ties that bound me.  He then helped me to my feet and said “Don’t be afraid to speak your Truth in Love.”  Then he said “walk with me”.

As I walked with him, he taught me that I can’t control everything, but that I must choose to love always, even when it doesn’t feel ‘right’ to me…  He told me “Don’t dwell on past mistakes, this will just show you that life isn’t fair.  For your mind judges yourself harshly”

He told me to “take this moment and reaffirm that you are my disciple.  Don’t be afraid, I am the good Sheppard.  If you will be my disciple, I will teach you the ways of eternal life.  But you must not merely be a hearer of my words, but a doer.  I have come so that you may have eternal life, that your Joy may be complete.

I didn’t come to judge the world, but to save it from the darkness within the minds of man.  Joy is the light, ecstasy and happiness that removes all darkness.  This is why I came and still come to anyone who calls on my name.  Keep your eyes upon me and I will make your Joy complete…”

He went on to say…  “Why do you resist my Joy?  Why settle for peace and hope when you can be in eternal bliss, right now?  It is because you want to feel in control.  Control is what you think that you need to be safe.  But control is the WORST illusion of man.

You review events from your past and think, ‘if I had only done this or that, then things would have turned out as you wanted.’  And then you vow to be More in control, but this is your deepest trap.

You are like a gambler who focuses on his few victories and believes that he has found the secrete to controlling the outcome.  You see the ridiculousness of others who chase the wind of control, but you stay totally blind to your own foolish pursuits…”

Jesus went on to teach me…

“Salvation is in me, and I in you.  All you need to do is believe that nothing can ever separate you from my Love, and you will be complete, lacking in nothing.  And then choose to walk in me so that your Joy my be complete moment by moment for all eternity…”

“Please, stop trying to understand everything, and just accept that I love you with no conditions, no rules, no limits, no boundaries.  You are the apple of my eye, my soul-mate, my life.  When I look at you I see the beauty that surpasses a million sunsets.  You are the reason that I created everything.  I needed someone to love who could know that I love them, and would love me in return.  Never, ever doubt my unconditional love for you!”

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

For I am convinced, that neither death, nor life, nor angles, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:1-2;38-39