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Jesus’ greatest gift, wasn’t him saving us from a ‘vengeful’ God, but his pure teaching that nothing could ever separate us from the unconditional love of God, even brutally kill His only begotten son…


Are these lines straight?

Do we really see our past experiences as they really happened?  Of course not!  Only the ego believe that past memories are anything but illusions about illusions, held within the ego driven, illusive and forgetful mind.  I used to obsess over the past.  I feared that someone or something was recording everything I had ever done.  And if I didn’t ‘make right’ the areas that I believed God judged as wrong, I would be punished.  Karma, misunderstood, is a similar concept, however, I don’t believe that God or karma are keeping track of our memories.

No, we are our own judge and jury.  We judge ourselves harshly, and then we expect punishment, then our expectations of punishment, pull unpleasant situations into our life.  We do all this in a vain attempt to make things right…???

But my Mom had it right, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Or as Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  It seems to me that when someone or something happens that hurts me, I then add to the wrong and do things that also hurts myself.  Two wrongs, trying to make it right…???

When we are hurt and choose to get upset, our anger is rarely directed in a positive direction.  Some people say that righteous anger is a good thing.  And I think that all emotions are good, it’s how we choose to direct these emotions that determines whether the outcome is positive or not.  This is why forgiveness is so important, it rewrites the past and holds ourselves and others as blameless.  This is how I believe Jesus, God and karma see all of us.  Blameless, holy and pure.  This is the true Gospel, the lost good news that Jesus taught, lived and died for…

For God so loved the World, that He sent Jesus to tell the good news:  animal sacrifices were never needed to receive God’s blessing; and that whoever believes in God’s unconditional and eternal love, will start living immediately in eternal joy, peace, love and happiness.  Now and forever, eternal life.  This is the Gospel, the good news, why Jesus died and why death couldn’t keep him in the grave!  John 3:16  seen through the eyes of truth…

I believe that there is a divine inner Artist in all of us.   

Dream with me, and imagine a new world of peace, love and harmony.   Be the Artist…

I am always surprised by the awesome changes in my emotions when I shift my attention to see Love in everything and everyone.  Fear can distract us from the Truth, but the Truth has a way of coming through in the most peculiar ways.

Today, my heart filled with great joy and peace when I remembered some old worship songs of praise.  While I was at work, I found myself singing at the top of my lungs.  It was truly inspirational.

I no longer go to a charismatic or Pentecostal church.  I found their beliefs  too limiting and close minded.  I dream of a day when I can go to a spirit-filled, new thought church, where we can worship God in spirit and truth!

Dare to dream with me today.

Trade your logic for AWE…

I used to trust in dogma, it felt safe to me.  I learned to focus on the small separate parts.

The outward faces of man... "L I A R"

I analyzed everything from an ‘objective’, scientific and rational view.  And then believed that I could understand how everything ‘fits’ together.  I was afraid to follow my heart, and I even wished that I could control my emotions.  Feelings were an unwelcome distraction, when there were so many things to do…

However, I have now come to trust and love my emotions, they can take the most difficult circumstances and create peace, joy and harmony.  The heart can see more Truth than a thousand theologians could ever explain.  Opening my heart, I can now ‘see’ the unseen realities of God.  And they are much more beautiful than the mind could ever comprehend.

When we forget that love is so much greater than the simple concepts of man, we become slaves of our own limiting beliefs.  Our  doctrine’s then become the very prison bars for our own fearmade ‘hell’.  We can then miss the deep spiritual truths of God, and settle for an outward appearance of ‘holiness’.

I now dream in 4D, where my love builds bridges to freedom.  Following my heart, I have discovered that the awesome healing, empowering, and creative forces of the Holy Spirit, dwell in my Higher self.  My ‘Higher Power’ is the creator of Heaven and Earth, and lives and breaths in my Soul!

“Trade your logic for AWE, and you are healed instantly…” -FDG

He who is lacking in knowledge and understanding need only to  ask for guidance and wisdom.   For Wisdom is always only a breath away.  You can’t complain of lack in your life when you haven’t asked for wisdom.  Wisdom is the Truth that your mind can never create, but that your spirit already knows.

Cain's distress after killing Abel

All the judgments of humanity are but dirty lies that cloud our true seeing as she sees. It is when we open our eyes and see ourselves and others as we truly are, that Sophia’s song will sing anew in our hearts.  Revenge, is when you take the poison, and wait for the other person to die.  We burden ourselves with needless sorrows.

I am begging you, please open your heart today to the sweet song of Sophia, her words of forgiveness, truth and unending love will heal your mind and quench you Soul.  Don’t resist her, for she is your only true companion.  Place all your trust and hope in her, and your life will stop being a burden, and your true dreams will become real.

As surely as you are alive, she sings to you in your sleep, in your daydreaming, in the quietness of your heart.  Fear of rejection, punishment and failure are pulling you away from her, your one true love.  But her forgiveness is unending, her patience is eternal; she cannot grow weary or loss hope, for you are her soul-mate, her everlasting lover.  Death can only bring you closer to her, but she doesn’t want your life, only your trust, respect and openness.

Remember the days when you danced with her in your youth, how she longs to restore your innocence.  For in her mind, you are innocent and pure of heart.  You may have forgotten your beauty, but Sophia will never see you as anything other than blameless, holy and pure.  Rekindle your lost passion for her and she will make you whole again, as a new child, mysterious and full of hope.

“If you think the Truth hurts, try living a lie…” -FDG

Genuine heartfelt gratitude is the most under-estimated force of the universe.  When one opens their eyes to see with a thankful heart, they are literally creating Heaven on Earth.  This is why criticism is so painful and literally creates Hell on Earth.  When we choose gratefulness, it is like all the angels of Heaven fly a little closer to the Earth.

All day, every day, we are either attracting demons with our rudeness or angels with our loving attitude.  The gates of Hell and Heaven should have written above them, ingratitude or gratitude.  If you’re wondering where you will go when you die.  Look no further than where you are now.

You can’t spend a lifetime of hanging out with the devil and expect to go to Heaven when you die.  No, I can assure you there will be no ungrateful people in Heaven.

And honestly, the ungrateful wouldn’t like Heaven anyway; the light would be too bright, the people too happy, the music too soothing, and the most important part;

No-one there willing to listen to your constant complaining, about everything

No, Hell will be much more comfortable for the ungrateful.  Everyone will be unhappy and complaining, as it Should be…?!?

Gratitude however, literally releases the power of heaven in our lives.  It transforms what we have into more than enough.  It turns judgment into acceptance, dreams into reality, loving to being In-love,  living into being – alive-awakened-aware.  All problems turn into challenges, regrets into  lessons, confusion into clarity, loose into gain.

The unstoppable power of genuine thankfulness cannot be contained by Hells gates or mans cruelty.  It’s infinite creativity turn our past mistakes into perfect lessons, today’s struggles into divine gifts, and the future – Heaven only knows…

“Religion is hope, Spirit is life, why hope when you can live” – FDG

to be continued

In the beginning was Pure Love.  And the Spirit of Love was all that there was in the beginning.
And the Love knew that it was the only source of everything, for nothing else existed but the Spirit of Love.
And Love was in perfect harmony.

Then Love wondered to itself, what other feelings are there?
And so it tried to imagine being something other than Pure Love.

It looked into every dimension of time and space.
And when love found no source other than itself to love,
it was sad.
And the sadness grew and Grew and GREW.

The Sadness grew so great that the Spirit of Love was changing its own vibration.
And for the first time, There was something else.

There was light!
And the Spirit of Love, loved the light.
And the light became bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!

The light grew so great that it filled every area of space.
And the Love was amazed with the light that it’s vibrating had created.

But Love didn’t understand the light.
You see, the light couldn’t expand as big as the Love could.
And the Light fell into itself.

The Light SHrank and Shrank and shrank
Until the weight of the light was so great that it couldn’t escape itself.
And then in one instant, the light was gone.

And the Pure Spirit of Love was alone again.
The pain of having nothing other than itself to love was so great!
That Love cried out with all it’s heart, noooo!!

And the Light that was hidden within itself, remembered the Love.
And the sadness of the Love mixed with the sadness of the Light.

The Love and the light became one for the first time
And they created something greater than themselves.

They created stars and planets and moons and galaxies.
And the Light and the Love danced in the Universe and were in great peace and harmony.

After millions of years living in paradise, the pain of their great sadness was forgotten.

And the Love said to the Light, I wonder what else we can create?
And the Light said to the Love, I too am curious…

to be continued…