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Your faith comes alive when you see the Truth

The mind can’t understand the Christ, but the heart already knows the truth that will set you free.  Quiet the mind and use the heart to find the Christ within, and you will discover the Living Water that Jesus promised at the ‘well’.  When Jesus taught the people in Samaria, in the Gospel of John 4:4-42.  He never told them to go kill some innocent animal to cover their sins, so that God wouldn’t judge them…??

No Jesus never taught that our Father desired blood sacrifices…  John 4:23 -24.   The English word “worship” was originally spelled “worth-ship” and means to acknowledge the nature of the object worshiped.   Jesus never taught or practiced blood sacrifice, because He understood the true nature of God.  The nature of God is pure Love, pure optimism, pure grace, pure forgiveness, pure truth.  Only an evil monster would demand animal sacrifices to ‘pay’ for the sins of our fathers, passed on to us through original sin.

I believe that refusing to offer ‘God’ an animal sacrifice was the ‘great heresy’ that the Jewish leaders killed Jesus for preaching and practicing.  He told his followers to not go to the temple and sacrifice animals to ‘God’.  But to symbolically celebrate, a new covenant, that  blood sacrifice are not pleasing to God, through the Last Supper.  The last supper is a celebration of Christ’s teaching, blood sacrifices are not pleasing to God.

The only people who seemed to understand this were the Jews who later rejected Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  The Jewish people no longer perform animal sacrifices because they ‘got’ what Jesus was teaching.  And they knew that Jesus would never approve of being the Lamb of God any more than he would have approved the killing of innocent animals.

Do you really believe God delights in animal sacrifices?

Jesus came to save man from the lie ‘that only through blood sacrifice, can we be reunited with God’s Love‘.  Jesus taught, the kingdom of God is now.  Just believe, if you can’t believe that God is unconditional Love, than look at Jesus, and what he truly taught and lived…


Our lies bind us

Truth will set you free!… I was in listening prayer, and I saw a vision; myself sitting in a chair with my mouth gagged and my arms tied behind my back.  I silently called out to Jesus, and he came to me.  I saw him coming towards me and he gently removed the gag and the ties that bound me.  He then helped me to my feet and said “Don’t be afraid to speak your Truth in Love.”  Then he said “walk with me”.

As I walked with him, he taught me that I can’t control everything, but that I must choose to love always, even when it doesn’t feel ‘right’ to me…  He told me “Don’t dwell on past mistakes, this will just show you that life isn’t fair.  For your mind judges yourself harshly”

He told me to “take this moment and reaffirm that you are my disciple.  Don’t be afraid, I am the good Sheppard.  If you will be my disciple, I will teach you the ways of eternal life.  But you must not merely be a hearer of my words, but a doer.  I have come so that you may have eternal life, that your Joy may be complete.

I didn’t come to judge the world, but to save it from the darkness within the minds of man.  Joy is the light, ecstasy and happiness that removes all darkness.  This is why I came and still come to anyone who calls on my name.  Keep your eyes upon me and I will make your Joy complete…”

He went on to say…  “Why do you resist my Joy?  Why settle for peace and hope when you can be in eternal bliss, right now?  It is because you want to feel in control.  Control is what you think that you need to be safe.  But control is the WORST illusion of man.

You review events from your past and think, ‘if I had only done this or that, then things would have turned out as you wanted.’  And then you vow to be More in control, but this is your deepest trap.

You are like a gambler who focuses on his few victories and believes that he has found the secrete to controlling the outcome.  You see the ridiculousness of others who chase the wind of control, but you stay totally blind to your own foolish pursuits…”

Jesus went on to teach me…

“Salvation is in me, and I in you.  All you need to do is believe that nothing can ever separate you from my Love, and you will be complete, lacking in nothing.  And then choose to walk in me so that your Joy my be complete moment by moment for all eternity…”

“Please, stop trying to understand everything, and just accept that I love you with no conditions, no rules, no limits, no boundaries.  You are the apple of my eye, my soul-mate, my life.  When I look at you I see the beauty that surpasses a million sunsets.  You are the reason that I created everything.  I needed someone to love who could know that I love them, and would love me in return.  Never, ever doubt my unconditional love for you!”

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

For I am convinced, that neither death, nor life, nor angles, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:1-2;38-39

God never stops reaching out to us...

Non-Attachment, to all man-made delusions, leads us  to the Truth that will set you free!   With courage we must once again believe in the unconditional Limit-less Love of God. Religion is hope, Spirit is life, why hope when you can live!

Jesus came not to judge the world, for man had already judged it himself.  People have come up with all sorts of myths about what one must do to please God and be in His/Her good grace.  Christ came to preach the Good News, God can never stopped loving us; no matter what we believe, say or do!

As long as we look for the Christ outside of ourselves, we will never find Him.  All truth comes from Spirit and is found in our Soul when the mind and body are quieted.  Even ‘good’ quotes from the Bible aren’t as good as experiencing the Christ within.

We judged God and ourselves

Adam and Eve had the closest relationship with God, and they had no Bible to read.  If we want to return to the ‘Garden of Paradise’, then we need to see that God never abandons us.  It was our guilt and fear that clothed us with the impure thought; that we are unworthy of God’s constant abiding love and healing presence.

The ‘snake’ was a symbol for the impure thought; you can’t trust God.  Whenever we doubt the trustworthiness of God, believing God is not pure Love, we leave the ‘Garden of Eden’.  WE reject the beauty and simplicity of the Truth; being Love-able doesn’t depend on our goodness, but the goodness of God. And believe me, God is good. He will never leave you because of your weaknesses or lack of understanding.

We have created elaborate lies about how God sent us out of the ‘Garden’ and is judging us as unworthy to re-enter it.  We create complicated rituals, that we then attribute to being God’s plan of redemption.  However, these ideas are our distortions of Love.

God can do all things except for one, God can’t stop being Love.  And God’s Love is not conditional.   Love always allows free will, even if the thoughts of man are wrong.  God allows us to doubt ‘His’ unconditional Love, and thus suffer in our ignorance, at our own hands.

All the true Prophets of God have had one pure message.  God wants everyone to prosper and live in peace, joy and love.  No matter what you look like, believe in, or do; you can’t change the nature of God.   For God is Love

For God so loved the world (every person), that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in him should not perish, (at their own hand) but have eternal life (joy, peace, love).  For God didn’t send the Son into the world to judge the world, (We had already judged ourselves) but that the world should be saved (from our false fears and judgments) through him.

Genuine heartfelt gratitude is the most under-estimated force of the universe.  When one opens their eyes to see with a thankful heart, they are literally creating Heaven on Earth.  This is why criticism is so painful and literally creates Hell on Earth.  When we choose gratefulness, it is like all the angels of Heaven fly a little closer to the Earth.

All day, every day, we are either attracting demons with our rudeness or angels with our loving attitude.  The gates of Hell and Heaven should have written above them, ingratitude or gratitude.  If you’re wondering where you will go when you die.  Look no further than where you are now.

You can’t spend a lifetime of hanging out with the devil and expect to go to Heaven when you die.  No, I can assure you there will be no ungrateful people in Heaven.

And honestly, the ungrateful wouldn’t like Heaven anyway; the light would be too bright, the people too happy, the music too soothing, and the most important part;

No-one there willing to listen to your constant complaining, about everything

No, Hell will be much more comfortable for the ungrateful.  Everyone will be unhappy and complaining, as it Should be…?!?

Gratitude however, literally releases the power of heaven in our lives.  It transforms what we have into more than enough.  It turns judgment into acceptance, dreams into reality, loving to being In-love,  living into being – alive-awakened-aware.  All problems turn into challenges, regrets into  lessons, confusion into clarity, loose into gain.

The unstoppable power of genuine thankfulness cannot be contained by Hells gates or mans cruelty.  It’s infinite creativity turn our past mistakes into perfect lessons, today’s struggles into divine gifts, and the future – Heaven only knows…

“Religion is hope, Spirit is life, why hope when you can live” – FDG

to be continued

In the beginning was Pure Love.  And the Spirit of Love was all that there was in the beginning.
And the Love knew that it was the only source of everything, for nothing else existed but the Spirit of Love.
And Love was in perfect harmony.

Then Love wondered to itself, what other feelings are there?
And so it tried to imagine being something other than Pure Love.

It looked into every dimension of time and space.
And when love found no source other than itself to love,
it was sad.
And the sadness grew and Grew and GREW.

The Sadness grew so great that the Spirit of Love was changing its own vibration.
And for the first time, There was something else.

There was light!
And the Spirit of Love, loved the light.
And the light became bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!

The light grew so great that it filled every area of space.
And the Love was amazed with the light that it’s vibrating had created.

But Love didn’t understand the light.
You see, the light couldn’t expand as big as the Love could.
And the Light fell into itself.

The Light SHrank and Shrank and shrank
Until the weight of the light was so great that it couldn’t escape itself.
And then in one instant, the light was gone.

And the Pure Spirit of Love was alone again.
The pain of having nothing other than itself to love was so great!
That Love cried out with all it’s heart, noooo!!

And the Light that was hidden within itself, remembered the Love.
And the sadness of the Love mixed with the sadness of the Light.

The Love and the light became one for the first time
And they created something greater than themselves.

They created stars and planets and moons and galaxies.
And the Light and the Love danced in the Universe and were in great peace and harmony.

After millions of years living in paradise, the pain of their great sadness was forgotten.

And the Love said to the Light, I wonder what else we can create?
And the Light said to the Love, I too am curious…

to be continued…