In the beginning was Pure Love.  And the Spirit of Love was all that there was in the beginning.
And the Love knew that it was the only source of everything, for nothing else existed but the Spirit of Love.
And Love was in perfect harmony.

Then Love wondered to itself, what other feelings are there?
And so it tried to imagine being something other than Pure Love.

It looked into every dimension of time and space.
And when love found no source other than itself to love,
it was sad.
And the sadness grew and Grew and GREW.

The Sadness grew so great that the Spirit of Love was changing its own vibration.
And for the first time, There was something else.

There was light!
And the Spirit of Love, loved the light.
And the light became bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!

The light grew so great that it filled every area of space.
And the Love was amazed with the light that it’s vibrating had created.

But Love didn’t understand the light.
You see, the light couldn’t expand as big as the Love could.
And the Light fell into itself.

The Light SHrank and Shrank and shrank
Until the weight of the light was so great that it couldn’t escape itself.
And then in one instant, the light was gone.

And the Pure Spirit of Love was alone again.
The pain of having nothing other than itself to love was so great!
That Love cried out with all it’s heart, noooo!!

And the Light that was hidden within itself, remembered the Love.
And the sadness of the Love mixed with the sadness of the Light.

The Love and the light became one for the first time
And they created something greater than themselves.

They created stars and planets and moons and galaxies.
And the Light and the Love danced in the Universe and were in great peace and harmony.

After millions of years living in paradise, the pain of their great sadness was forgotten.

And the Love said to the Light, I wonder what else we can create?
And the Light said to the Love, I too am curious…

to be continued…