♥ ~ When a person Remembers their True Worth. . .♥

Once, completely Confused;


 Terrified ~ Vulnerable & Frozen

Searching deep ‘with-in’

To the very Depths of their Soul

Sensing a forgotten,

and yet familiar ‘Presence’

A warm breathe begins to radiate 

Melting the hard THICK walls 

Once necessary, for their very survival

But now, serve as a new Prison

Cutting /off the very essence of Love,

that can satisfy their painful longing…

This Presence inspires

a renewed determination,

of Hope and Courage..!

Painfully at first,

And Ever, so slowly

‘Opening Up’

Deep Scars, are painful reminders of the past.

Regretfully, remembering the Anguish ~

But wearing them, ‘so’ Proudly…!

No longer Settle~
for what was,
Somehow – ( ‘OK’ )

Never lying to themselves 

About~ how things; “weren’t ‘That’ bad”~ ?

“Didn’t deserve ‘Anything’ better”~ ?

Or that… “It was somehow, all their fault ? ! ?

~ When a person ‘Really’ realizes~ their true worth ~

Become completely determined

~ { As One Possessed } ~

To fully and Completely ~ BELIEVE…! ~

Finally growing into the Beautiful person~

‘Once’ dreamed ~Yet always knew

that they ~ could, Should
and WOULD: { BE-come..! }

Out of their Ancient Mysticism
Remembering the limitless Power
of Unconditional: Acceptance, Kindness and Compassion…

Understanding ‘Now’, that it never ‘Really’ mattered~
“What others said;
They Always were, & ‘Forever’ are

completely worthy of
Unconditional, Love and Respect.

‘Roots’ borrowing down, deeper and Deeper…
Searching for; and finally being Filling with
the Sacred fountain of Living water

Restoring the essence of their Soul

~ When a person ‘Realizes’~ their true Worth…

Quietly, yet firmly,
swearing a Sacred Oath;
that, No matter ‘What’~ from Now on,
To Always BE ~
“Totally, Authentic & True to their ‘Soul’~ self…”

Living from their ‘deepest’ {♥}-felt Desires”…

From their Untilled~
cracked and barren Soil…
they pulls Precious Jewels &
Price- less Pearls of Wisdom…

With-in hidden Vulnerabilities,
like an Eternal flame,
they Realizes their ~ Own ~ Source ~ of
Sunshine on ‘Rainy’ days…

Now, ever… so Gracefully and Gently…
birthing ~ Joy, Love and Freedom,
into their ~
Once weakened and down-Trodden Soul…

~When a Person Realizes~ their ‘True’ Worth…

Rejoicing at Last ~ !
NOW ~ The Sun ‘being’ Risen…!
The Sleeper has Awoken…!!!

And ‘Is no longer’
a {Voice- less Victim}
Suffering in Plain View…

Forgiving themselves;, confident,
that Deception & Manipulation are
‘Now’ forever Powerless!
And will~ Never-ever ‘sway’ or fool them Again…!!!

Like a Secrete Treasure Chest ~ ‘long ago buried’…
Limit-less Creativity and Joy…
Total Peace & Love~ Spring- Forth ~
Overflowing the Heart with Laughter & Pure Bliss..

Alive with her Hopes and Dreams…
Focused fully upon the Truth…
Loving fearlessly; Without Control or Attachment…

Flying with the Angels
~ they who ‘know their’ name,
Bow in Respect, Reverence and Awe…

‘Shining forth’~ ‘Like a Million exploding Stars’…
~ ‘drawing the ‘One’ who is…
{ Equal in Love…} ~ !

The One, who is ( Brave-Enough )
to Be by their side will never
~ Over-shadow, Abandon or Betray…

His Respect and Honor will be her eternal Crown…

Her Compassion and Courage
~ Frees his Soul from the Cruel bondage
to ‘macho’ Fears & Pride…

His gentile wisdom and kindness ~
unending Patience and Understanding ~
Frees her, to Reveal her tender Heart…

She will Save him, with a Loving embrace…♥

Healing his broken and wounded Soul…
Allows him to be Proud
to be know ‘as a simple man’…

Gratefully, he will Cherish Each & every moment,
that they are together~ Yet, Always~
Giving her room to Grow…

~ When a man Realizes~ his true ‘Worth’…

They Will Constantly Shower each other with
‘the’ Praise and Adoration ~
~ that has for Way ~ ‘Too Long’ ~ Been ~
[Wrongfully & Cruelly] ~ DENIED…!
& Yet ~ { Soo ~ Completely, & Utterly, ‘Worthy Of’…! }

An Unconditional & ‘All~ Consuming Empathy’,
Truly: Listening and Talking from the Heart ~
with Honesty, Compassion & Gentleness…!♥!

They can ‘then’ Become,
‘what-ever’ their Heart’s Envision…
Beating as ‘One Soul’ as it was
{Always} meant to Be…

Surrendering forever & Ever…
To their ‘New’ Vision of a ~* Higher*
“Self~ Love…
Self- Confidence..
& Self- Respect”..!

~ His focused mind becomes Saturated
with her Sweetness, like a balloon~
filling with the Rarest of Perfumes…

Forever and Ever, night and day,
he will Suckle & Worship,
on the Sweet Nectar of her
Endless Beauty & Compassion…!

Her ‘Breath of Life’, Coursing through his Veins,
as he drinks Slowly & Deeply…
From the Overflowing Enchanted Well, of her Heart…

Ever so Gently and Lovingly,
he will Sing to her~ the ‘Almost Lost’
Sacred song of Time-less Love…

Inspiring her to Dance
with all her might, Heart & SOUL…!
Holding him Spellbound,
with her Beauty & Soul-full Gaze ~

‘Finally’ ~ When They realizes ~ Their True Worth ~ ‘Together’… !

They will Re-defining Forever~

Our Understanding of the ~

[ Deeply Hidden & Magical ] ~ ‘Forgotten’ SECRET…

That~ True ~ Freedom ‘Is’ Possible…

{ ‘With~ In’ Being Completely~ “In” LOVE… ! }

~Then the Sun will be Jealous…

And the Moon will Hide out of Shame…

And the Earth will Cry-out, I am Saved…!

For Never has the Universe ‘seen’~ such a Glorious sight !

As these two ~ ‘Angelic’ ~ Beings:

{ Soo Fear~ Less and Brave } Opened ~ { All~ Out } ~

Innocent & Defense- Less ~ Madly ‘In~ LOVE’

While ‘Be-ing’, Totally ~ Self~ less & Free…

Completely Inspiring & Redeeming All of humanity…

Leading the Entire Universe~

into Un-told Joy, Peace & Freedom…♥

Forever and Ever, Establishing a ‘New Area’

of~ Prosperity, LOVE & Enlightenment for All…!”

“~ When a man Realizes~ his True Worth… “

© ~ by Mystic Francis 2010