Trade your logic for AWE…

I used to trust in dogma, it felt safe to me.  I learned to focus on the small separate parts.

The outward faces of man... "L I A R"

I analyzed everything from an ‘objective’, scientific and rational view.  And then believed that I could understand how everything ‘fits’ together.  I was afraid to follow my heart, and I even wished that I could control my emotions.  Feelings were an unwelcome distraction, when there were so many things to do…

However, I have now come to trust and love my emotions, they can take the most difficult circumstances and create peace, joy and harmony.  The heart can see more Truth than a thousand theologians could ever explain.  Opening my heart, I can now ‘see’ the unseen realities of God.  And they are much more beautiful than the mind could ever comprehend.

When we forget that love is so much greater than the simple concepts of man, we become slaves of our own limiting beliefs.  Our  doctrine’s then become the very prison bars for our own fearmade ‘hell’.  We can then miss the deep spiritual truths of God, and settle for an outward appearance of ‘holiness’.

I now dream in 4D, where my love builds bridges to freedom.  Following my heart, I have discovered that the awesome healing, empowering, and creative forces of the Holy Spirit, dwell in my Higher self.  My ‘Higher Power’ is the creator of Heaven and Earth, and lives and breaths in my Soul!

“Trade your logic for AWE, and you are healed instantly…” -FDG